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A criminal case does not always go your way and when that occurs, the loss of liberty is hard to handle and the post conviction process is very specialized and confusing. That’s why you must rely upon a seasoned appellate lawyer because there may be a way to change the outcome in your favor. As a member of the State and Federal Bar, attorney Chad G. Dorsk can provide you with legal advise in this very specific and complex area of the law. CALL NOW to learn about the appellate process and enjoy a free consultation.


When a criminal case has been decided against you, many clients decide to appeal that decision to a higher court. Which means the Court of Appeals or the Supreme Court will review the decisions made which led to a conviction. When an appeal is filed, the court can either send the case back for a new trial, uphold the decision, or reverse the outcome of the case.

An attorney must preserve the objections or issues under appeal during the trial stage. This way it will be possible to call into question the rulings of the trial court.


– Improper Jury Instructions

– Problem, mistake or legal error

-Suppression Issue

Appeals are very complicated and you need an expert criminal trial lawyer who recognizes all of the specific technical problems that occur in a lower court case.  Make sure you maximize your chances of success during this process by selecting Dorsk Law Office, Plc.



First you must file a notice of appeal with the Circuit Court and order the trial transcripts. Once the trial transcripts are received in the Appellate Court a brief must be drafted and submitted which identifies the errors made by the trial court. No new evidence is presented during this process, one must rely upon the transcript record alone.

If the Virginia Court of Appeals grants the appeal then you must submit a more professional looking brief which is bound by a legal printing company and oral arguments are set and heard.

At oral arguments the Attorney General is asked to argue for the Government and your counsel will argue on your behalf. Each side has 15 minutes to make their arguments.

The Court will then render a decision on your matter and submit an Order stating which side has prevailed.

The whole process is very time consuming and you will need an attorney that knows the process, has been there before and prevailed. At Dorsk Law Office, Plc., Chad G. Dorsk Esq. has gone up to the court and won.


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