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When Your Future
Is at Stake,

Experience Matters

At Dorsk Law Office, Plc. in Norfolk, I offer specialized legal representation that combines deep legal expertise with a personalized approach. Our firm, while compact, is supported by a dedicated staff and led by an attorney with extensive experience in a diverse range of challenging cases, including high-profile and federal criminal defense.

Why Choose Dorsk Law Office

1. Expertise in High-Profile and Federal Cases

 I have a significant track record in handling high-profile cases, with a special focus on Federal Criminal DefenseMy approach is tailored to manage the complexities of federal law and the unique challenges of high-profile cases.

2. Robust State Criminal Defense

 My firm offers vigorous defense in state criminal cases. From initial investigation to courtroom representation, I provide comprehensive legal support for state-level offenses. Learn more about my State Criminal Representation.

3. Felony Offenses

 Handling serious felony charges requires expertise and a strategic approach. I offer skilled defense in cases ranging from white-collar crimes to violent offenses. Learn more about my approach to Felony Offenses.

4. Misdemeanor Charges

 Even less severe charges can have significant consequences. I provide diligent defense for a variety of misdemeanor offenses.  Discover how I can help with Misdemeanor Charges.

5. Personalized Client Representation

 Every case is unique, and I ensure that your legal needs are met with comprehensive care. Learn about my client-focused approach.

6. Wide Spectrum of Criminal Defense

 We specialize in a variety of criminal defense areas, each with detailed information available on my website:

   - DUI/DWI

   - Drug Offenses

   - Theft and Burglary

   - Assault and Battery

   - Sexual Offenses

   - Violent Crimes

   - White-Collar Crimes

   - Traffic Violations

Free Case Evaluation for Your Peace of Mind

Begin your defense with a free case evaluation. I am committed to protecting your rights and achieving the best outcome for your case.

Get in Touch, For a Free Consultation:  

Phone: 757-423-0271  


Dorsk Law Office,Plc

409 Duke Street #100

Norfolk, Va 23510

T. 757-423-0271

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