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Drug Possession & PWID Charges

Norfolk Criminal Defense Attorney, Chad Dorsk  | Dorsk Law Office Represents People Charged with Drug Offenses

Drug Possession & PWID Charges

Are you charged with Drug Possession or PWID in Norfolk, Newport News, Hampton, Virginia Beach, Portsmouth or another city in Hampton Roads?  The Dorsk Law Office Provides Aggressive Defense in General District and Circuit Court | Defending People Charged with Drug Possession

and Possession with the Intent to Distribute (PWID)

Welcome to Dorsk Law: Expert Legal Representation for Drug Crimes

Understanding Drug Crimes in Virginia

To help our clients better comprehend the charges they may be facing, we have provided below an overview of some common drug crimes. Please click on the links to access the relevant sections of the Virginia Code for detailed information on each offense:

  1. Drug Possession: Possessing illegal drugs, such as cocaine, heroin, or methamphetamine, without a valid prescription can lead to serious legal consequences. Please refer to Virginia Code § 18.2-250 for more information.

  2. Drug Distribution: The sale, transfer, or distribution of illegal drugs is a serious offense. Detailed information on drug distribution charges and penalties can be found in Virginia Code § 18.2-248.

  3. Drug Manufacturing: Engaging in the production or cultivation of illicit drugs, including methamphetamine or LSD, is considered drug manufacturing. For specifics on drug manufacturing charges, please see Virginia Code § 18.2-248.

  4. Prescription Drug Fraud: Illegally obtaining or distributing prescription drugs, such as opioids or benzodiazepines, is a criminal offense. Virginia Code § 18.2-258.1 provides comprehensive information on prescription drug fraud and associated penalties.

  5. Drug Paraphernalia: Possessing or distributing drug paraphernalia, such as pipes, bongs, or syringes, is prohibited under Virginia law. Refer to Virginia Code § 18.2-265.3 for the regulations surrounding drug paraphernalia.

​In drug distribution cases, law enforcement agencies often employ confidential informants or undercover officers to make drug purchases. Our experienced attorney, Chad Dorsk, is well-versed in challenging confidential informants by exposing their criminal records and biases. We aim to discredit their testimony by highlighting promises of leniency or compensation they may have received from law enforcement. Furthermore, we scrutinize the actions of law enforcement officers involved in the case, such as their handling of buy money and surveillance procedures. By leveraging strong defenses, we work to protect your rights and achieve a favorable outcome.


Marijuana Laws in Virginia

It's important to stay updated on the evolving laws related to marijuana in Virginia. In 2021, significant changes were made, decriminalizing marijuana use. The Virginia Cannabis Control Authority (CCA) was created to oversee the legal marijuana market and regulate its production, sale, and possession. As of the information provided on the CCA FAQs page, possession of certain amounts of marijuana is no longer a criminal offense.


Convictions for possessing or selling narcotics or controlled substances can carry severe penalties. However, if you have been arrested or charged with a drug crime, it is essential to remember that you have rights and deserve effective representation. Attorney Chad Dorsk understands the nuances of drug-related charges and can counsel you on the specific legal options available in your case. He has the necessary legal experience to guide you through the legal process, work with the prosecution to pursue favorable results, and vigorously defend your rights in court.

In some cases involving small quantities of drugs, first-time offenders may be eligible for a deferred finding provision. This provision allows for probation with the dismissal of charges after a one-year period, provided that the defendant adheres to specific court-ordered conditions. Mr. Dorsk can provide guidance on this provision and, if applicable, work to apply it to your case.


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