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Norfolk and Newport News Fraud Lawyer, Chad Dorsk

The Importance of a Fraud Lawyer

Are you facing charges of tax or financial fraud in federal court? Look no further than Dorsk Law Office, plc, where attorney Chad Dorsk has the mastery and experience necessary to mount a successful defense.


With extensive knowledge of federal tax law, including the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) sections 7201, 7203, and 7206, Attorney Dorsk is prepared to handle even the most complex cases. Whether you're accused of tax evasion, willful failure to file, or false statements on a tax return, he can provide the representation you need.


Attorney Dorsk's expertise doesn't stop at tax law, though. He is also well-versed in federal financial fraud statutes, such as 18 U.S.C. §§ 1343 and 1344. These laws govern offenses such as wire fraud, bank fraud, and securities fraud, and Attorney Dorsk has the experience to craft a compelling defense strategy against such allegations.

Contact Dorsk Law Office

Our office is located in the City of Norfolk, just a five minute walk to the Federal Court  and we have had extensive success in cases involving complex litigation and jury trials. Call 757-423-0271.


Representing clients throughout Hampton Roads including Norfolk, Portsmouth, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Newport News, Suffolk, Hampton, and the surrounding areas.

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