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Federal Firearm Offenses

Norfolk and Newport News Federal Gun Possession Lawyer, Chad Dorsk

The Importance of a Federal Gun Lawyer

Norfolk based attorney, Chad G. Dorsk is an experienced Federal Defense Attorney that represents people in matters related to Federal Criminal matters.

Attorney Chad G. Dorsk is a Member of the Virginia State BAR and has years of expertise in Criminal Trial Law. In the Federal Courts, he has handled a wide variety of cases including drug trafficking, bank fraud, health care fraud, immigration offenses, aggravated identity theft, the murder, and firearms offenses. He has represented clients in Federal Trial and Appellate Courts in State and Federal Courts. 


As you have read, federal gun offenses are very serious and are prosecuted by skilled trial lawyers in the United States Attorney's Office. Hire Chad G. Dorsk to go head to head for you in Federal Court. 

Possession of a Firearm During Drug Trafficking or Violent Crime

Federal Possession of a Firearm By a Convicted Felon

Minter v. Commonwealth, Record No. 1739-13-1 

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