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School Hearings

Norfolk Criminal Defense Attorney, Chad Dorsk  | Dorsk Law Office Represents Juveniles At School Hearings

Police Involvement: Depending on the type of incident alleged law enforcement may be called to the school.  Chad Dorsk can represent your son or daughter at both the school hearing and criminal court proceedings.  Virginia Code requires the schools to contact law enforcement for the following offense that occur on school property, on a school bus, or at a school-sponsored activity:


  • Assault or assault and battery

  • Sexual assault, death, shooting, stabbing, cutting, or wounding of any person

  • Stalking of any person

  • Any conduct involving alcohol, marijuana, a controlled substance, imitation controlled substance, or an anabolic steroid, including theft of prescription medications

  • Any threats against school personnel

  • Illegal carrying of a firearm onto school property

  • Illegal conduct involving firebombs, explosive materials or devices, hoax explosive devices, explosive or incendiary devices, or chemical bombs

  • Any threats or false threats to bomb

  • Any incident that would be a felony if committed by an adult.


A student is alleged to commit a crime is not only subject to the school’s disciplinary process, but also may be charged with a crime and required to go through a criminal process.


Chad Dorsk will represent your child at both the criminal court and school disciplinary proceedings. Call today.




Depending on the situation a case for self-defense, using reasonable force to protect oneself, may be asserted.  Use the experience of Chad Dorsk to assess and present a self-defense case during a fight or other incident.





Contact Chad Dorsk today for a free consultation.

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