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School Suspension and Appeal

Procedure for Appealing Out-of-School Suspension of Ten Days or Less

Authority to Suspend a Child from School:

The school principal or assistant principal have the authority to suspend students out-of-school for up to ten

days. The superintendent or designee, typically called a “disciplinary hearing officer” and appointed by the school board, may suspend a student for more than ten days. Only a school board has the authority to expel a student.


A decision to suspend a student may be appealed by the student’s parent or legal guardian.

An appeal of a suspension shall not hold the suspension in abeyance. Failure to file a written

notice of appeal within the prescribed time will constitute a waiver of the right to appeal.


Do not waive your right to appeal.  Contact Chad Dorsk today. 


A parent or legal guardian may appeal a suspension to the principal of the school, and then to the Superintendent’s designee.


Written letters, basis for the appeal and addressing the relief sought (a different outcome), and the procedures followed need to be filed immediately.  Do not delay.

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Norfolk Criminal Defense Attorney, Chad Dorsk, Represents Suspended Students
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